23 December 2022

 This week, on the occasion of the exchange of Christmas greetings, the awards were held for employees who have been collaborating with the OMR Group for some time.

The awards concerned employees who, starting from 15 years of service, and subsequently reached every five years, are recognized by the OMR Group for their commitment and dedication to the work performed.

Everyone was given a watch, an acknowledgment that represents the importance of the time spent in the company, both for the personal growth of the worker and for the development and continuity of production.

Comments the President Marco Bonometti as follows: “every year it is nice to celebrate such an important moment for OMR, in which we meet with the collaborators who in the true sense of the word have made the history of the company and who have lived a good part of the evolution path. It is a reward for loyalty and a sense of belonging to the large OMR family and a source of pride for having contributed to the company's success. Furthermore, an opportunity to take stock of the year that has been and what awaits us to face in the coming years, and then exchange greetings.