Values and mission



For us, ethics is the most important value. An ethical-based entrepreneurial system has a greater chance of emerging in a free and competitive market, in which only the merits acquired allow you to move forward and always be open to change.

Our actions have always been aimed at guaranteeing the protection and promotion of human rights, the respect of safe and fair labor standards and the safeguarding of the environment.

The fundamental elements of our company are the "spiritual values ​​of man": intelligence, talent, inventiveness, ability to work, love for risk, hospitality and subsidiarity.

These are the characteristics that we can boast in our collaborators and this is why the OMR Group always puts man at the center of every process. We believe that if a person feels an integral part of a system, the results and goals that are achieved become shared.




"We produce quality components for everyone's vehicles".




Day after day, technology increasingly invades daily life, conditioning and characterizing even the simplest habits, such as the choice of cars or vehicles.

The ability to develop technological innovations and increasingly competitive products is a key factor for the OMR Group. We believe in competitiveness because it is an unmistakable social value: it means growth, work, well-being.

Continuous renewal and the search for quality are fundamental elements for us. Innovation concerns not only the "product", but also the "process", and is a requirement that conditions all our present and above all future development strategies.