OMR considers strategically important the protection of the environment and its safeguarding and the occupational health and safety of its workers during the development and manufacture of its products and production process. It has therefore decided to work to ensure that its plants, production processes, services, operations and conduct do not cause significant environmental impacts or generate potential or real risks to the health and safety of its workers. OMR has organised its management system around the knowledge of the context in which it operates, identifying the stakeholders that are relevant to its system and the related relevant needs and expectations (compliance requirements).

The company's Management System complies with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System standard and with the UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System standard and is geared towards the continuous improvement of its performance concerning the Environment and Occupational Health and Safety (including the reduction of pollution).

  • compliance with environmental and occupational health and safety regulations;
  • fulfilment of product conformity with customer requirements and applicable legislation
  • prevention and reduction of environmental impacts and climate change related to its products and processes, and respect for the human environment and of plants and animals in the perspective of sustainable development.
  • the continuous improvement of its performance

OMR believes that it is fundamental from a strategic and competitive point of view:


OMR’s Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management System is suited to the type and scale of the risks we have identified and aims to continuously improve its performance concerning those matters by managing the related hazards and reducing the risks, thus complementing our current, TS 16949-compliant Quality Management System.

Therefore, in relation to the above, the OMR Group:

  • Recognises that the objectives of its Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management System are as important as those of productivity and profitability (integrated into business processes and in line with the organization’s strategic direction and context) and that the responsibility for achieving them lies with the entire organisational structure
  • Ensures that the necessary resources will be made available and be consistent with the objectives of the Management System (human, economic and technical resources)
  • Considers compliance with applicable laws and other documents signed by the Company relating to its dangers to be an imperative minimum requirement
  • Undertakes to effectively implement all actions aimed at preventing pollution and reducing risks to health and safety as well as preventing accidents and occupational diseases in all workplaces in which activities are carried out under its control
  • Will continuously improve its products, processes, services, and activities and conduct to minimize their impact on the environment (pollution, climate change, protection of plant and animal wildlife) and on occupational health and safety and to prevent accidents, occupational diseases, and emergency situations.
  • Will endeavour to rationalise, to the extent possible, the consumption of energy and natural resources
  • Will adopt the medium and long term programmes required to safeguard the environment and manage and reduce health and safety risks, and continuously update them in relation to technological development, discoveries and the experience gained
  • Ensures that its policy and its Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management System will be continuously checked and reviewed in their entirety in order to pursue the objectives and targets we have set
  • Will develop, maintain and control a document system that includes emergency procedures
  • Will promote the growth of professionalism and skills and the awareness to issues concerning the environment and occupational health and safety of its staff and of the third parties with whom it works, by providing information, training and education
  • Will inform suppliers and contractors about its policy on the environment and on occupational health and safety, promoting close cooperation in order to achieve the best results in terms of environmental performance and risk reduction
  • Will maintain and promote constructive communication relations with local communities and authorities in various fields relating to the environment and to occupational health and safety