Participating in the life of the local communities in which our plants are located, means connecting with people and supporting what has value for them, so as to share it.

The ties rooted in the region to which we belong help us to keep our feet firmly on the ground and to help ensure that basic social needs are met and that opportunities for personal growth are promoted.


This is the oldest educational centre in Lombardy, founded by Rodolfo Vantini in 1839 as a "School of Industrial Design". Today it is a professional training centre, recognised by the Lombardy Regional Administration, which offers two training areas: mechanics and marble.

Thanks to the backing of the companies that support it, students are provided with a training course that focuses strongly on the needs of the business world so as to foster future employment opportunities that have, for the young people who qualify in the mechanical sector, an employment rate of 96%.

In the current school year, 692 students will have to complete the scheduled 11,488 hours of training.


For some years now, schools have been experiencing periods of limited financial resources that penalise initiatives aimed at structural innovation.

All this is in stark contrast to what is essential: knowledge, skills and competencies, i.e. professionalism.

These observations were endorsed by a group of people who, working in the industrial sector and in schools, felt the need to promote and relaunch technical training in the area and to resume the collaboration between schools and the business world.

With this in mind, the "B. Castelli Foundation" was created to support the didactic, technical and experimental activities of the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Benedetto Castelli di Brescia, which is now attended by 2045 students during the day and by 247 in the evening.


Scientific High School, Language High School and High School of Applied Sciences.

The Luzzago High School is dedicated to the cultural and professional training of young people, mainly aimed at the development of business skills and the practice of professions.

The Institute has been managed by the Franciscan Friars since 1954 and now continues its educational activity thanks to the foundation named after P. Simpliciano Olgiati, a friar minor and for more than forty years the school's esteemed teacher and rector.


Doing business responsibly in developing countries, such as Brazil and India, means implementing projects and initiatives that become programs that support the community, child protection, education and training.

As we did in Sete Lagoas, OMR Brazil's headquarters, where our efforts are mainly focused on upgrading or building educational, health and educational venues, or in Aurangabad, OMR India's headquarters, where the company shares and participates in Udayan Care, a national programme to promote schooling, especially for women.