Corporate Social Responsability


Our company started off as a small family business, as is typical in Italy, and that same family, now at its third generation, still leads the way and decides the goals of what has become a large group of companies, that has grown beyond the Italian borders and reaches out to other economies.

We have 10 offices in Italy and 6 more in 4 different continents.

Over 3000 people, men and women from different cultures and backgrounds, give us their trust by working in our plants.

We are aware that this is a responsibility that obliges us to take a significant reference, educational and social role.

First of all in respect of human beings, then towards the environment in which they live, the society we all belong to, the governments with which we interact and the laws that we commit to respect everywhere.

We're all connected, and we're all OMR.

Code of ethics

Man, as a person who works in our company, but also Man in the environment which surrounds him; the environment in our plants, but also that of our planet.

Our commitment aims at merging our strategic view for the company with ethical and social concern.


OMR considers strategically important the protection of the environment and its safeguarding and the occupational health and safety of its workers during the development and manufacture of its products and production process. It has therefore decided to work to ensure that its plants, production processes, services, operations and conduct do not cause significant environmental impacts or generate potential or real risks to the health and safety of its workers.


We respect your privacy.

To illustrate how we manage the processing of personal data, we have included in this section the information that details the methods of compliance of the OMR Group with the regulations in force.