OMR Officine Meccaniche Rezzatesi



The current document constitutes a formalisation of the Organisation, Management and Control Model (henceforth referred to as the "Model") pursuant and for the purposes referred to in Legislative Decree no. 231/01 including subsequent amendments and additions (henceforth referred to as the "Decree").

    This is the result of a close analysis carried out within the corporate structure of Officine Meccaniche Rezzatesi srl (henceforth referred to as "OMR" or the "Company"), with the aim of providing OMR with an integrated and coherent system of rules and procedures  to tackle and reduce, wherever possible, the risk of crime commission by individuals who make up the Company or by those who act on behalf of the Company, and in its name, with particular reference to the crimes specified in the Decree, by means of identifying the relative sensitive activities.    

    The Model is, furthermore, an effective instrument which aids the business management, since it establishes and thereby protects the values of the Company.
    In this regard, through the adoption of the Model, OMR aims, in particular, to:

  • consolidate a culture of risk prevention and control within the activities which aim to achieve business objectives;
  • spread and affirm a business culture informed by legality, with the express disapproval by OMR of any conduct contrary to the law or the internal provisions, particularly those outlined in the Model and in the Ethical Code;
  • provide an efficient and balanced business organisation, which is particularly focused on the decision making processes, and their transparency,  on preventative and successive checks and controls, as well as on internal and external information;
  • guarantee that the division of powers, competencies and responsibilities and their attribution within the business structure conform to the principles of transparency, clarity, verifiability and are always coherent with the activities carried out by OMR;
  • identify and describe the activities carried out by OMR in documents which are constantly kept up-to-date, with the punctual indication of powers, competencies and responsibilities attributed to various individuals, with reference to the carrying out of individual activities;
  • conduct training programmes with the aim of ensuring effective knowledge of the Model on behalf of all those who work within the business, or with the business, whether they are directly or indirectly involved in the activities and operations which represent a degree of risk in terms of committing crimes.