OMR Officine Meccaniche Rezzatesi

The automotive is our world.

We manufacture components for an “initial equipping” and for the “spare parts” market, for auto vehicles and road transport vehicles (auto vehicles, industrial vehicles, motorcycles and earth-moving equipment), for all the large manufacturing houses in the world.


Business Sector






Industrial & Commercial Vehicles



Agricultural & Construction Machinery





Integrated Process



Briefing Problem Solving  Planning Concept Design Simulation

There are those who think and those who do. Behind a finished and functional product there is always and only an idea that arose to solve a need.  In the company we are sometimes presented with a problem to solve and we must come up with ideas to solve it, but what is certain is that there are always those who think and those who do. In this way we can always reach the ideal solution.  Our brand name guarantees that each phase has been developed thinking of every detail.


Model  Prototype  Testing  Force simulation Dynamic calculations

When responsibility meets experience, this can only be a guarantee. We are concerned with safety and we take this into consideration in each planning phase. This means that we will work on a piece from start to finish and we take all responsibility for it. We are the only interlocutor for the client and we do not have to find excuses or delegate to others what we are responsible for.


Production  Quality control Tests  Storage Service

La passione è l’origine di tutto. E’ per passione che OMR può vantare i risultati di oggi.
At OMR, on-going investments aim at the timely adaptation of structures and plants, implementation of new technologies.  Past knowledge and experience are the path we have taken, together with technology and science, they work together.


Industrialization  Certification Tests Service

Avant-garde systems. High technology production lines. There is only one way to develop and that is to adapt.  For us development has meant change and transformation. Adapting to the requests of the manufacturers has meant an investment and a modification to structures and plants, in order to reply promptly to the opportunities we have encountered. Our company today is able to supply the automotive industry from the most simple of components such as a joint, to the whole internal  body of a Ferrari.